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Frequently Asked Questions

DON'T FORGET -  Insect repellent, Sun block, Camera, Bedding, Towel, Sandals for stream walking and come with a smile on your face.


WATER - Can we drink the water?   It's mountain fresh from an underground spring, it would be hard to find better.


ROAD - What is your road like? Our road is not suitable for low or lowered vehicles, caravans or campers.  Nearly 4km of very windy, mostly single lane gravel road.  Please drive slowly with your lights on, drivers to keep their eyes on the road and not the views.  Please mount bikes as high a possable on your bike rack.


What  age do you class a child?  12 or under, under 5's free.


Can we light a FIRE? Yes, on the riverbed adjacent to Bushaven, camp fire size only, no bonfires!


Is there any Cellphone cover at Bushaven? Not available - but this is your chance to really get away from it all! However, a Telephone is available at our managers office.


PETS - Can we bring our dog/cat/pet? Sorry NO. we are situated several kilometres inside the Urutawa Forest Reserve and have Kiwi and Weka right at our back door and we would like to keep it that way.


HUNTING DOGS - Can we bring our hunting dogs? YES,  provided all are kept on a lead until off Bushaven property (we have children and stock running free) and you pick any mess they drop after there journey here, or even better, stop at the start of our road before you get here.  They will also need the following D.O.C. requirements to enter the reserve:-"Dogs in conservation areas. Because of the threat to native ground-dwelling birds only registered, avian aversion certified hunting dogs, guide dogs and dogs used for special services (including conservation management activities) are permitted in the Waioeka and Urutawa areas. All other dogs are banned."


SPOTLIGHTING - Can we go spotlighting? Only on Bushaven land when accompanied by the manager and provided no other guests are present.  Hunters spotlighting on public conservation land is an offence.  



Nature @ its best

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