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 Packages - From the best departure point-


    or Opotiki if you prefer. 

                       The Loop Trail


                    2-day package


Minimum   2 persons (or $ value)

Maximum   10 persons


Day one -  61 km

Day two -  61 km     (Opotiki return 122km)


INCLUDES - Two nights accommodation, one evening meal, one breakfast and one packed lunch.


Real value


2 =  

3 =  $

4 =  $

5 =  $

6 =   


Alcohol extra.   



Day 1. 

Arrive and settle in to our Love Shack @ Bushaven for your first night, Or park in our car park and start your ride....


AM (26km easy) Ride from Bushaven to Opotiki, then along the Dunes Trail for a lunch and swim stop at Tirohanga shop and takeaway. (hire towels available)


PM (29.5km Moderate) Up the Motu Road Trail to Toatoa for refreshments, home-cooked evening meal and a quite night's sleep.  Take a gentle late afternoon or evening ride up the Takaputahi valley road and take in real NZ back country farming, it's like steeping back in time!  

Relax with your own company or spend some time with your hosts, an evening of great food and company!


Day 2. 
AM (22km Moderate / Easy) After a great breakfast ride from Toatoa up the remaining Motu Road Trail to the Pakihi Track entrance and down to the Pakihi Hut to eat your packed lunch and maybe take a swim.


PM (22km easy) From the Pakihi hut down the rest of the Pakihi Track, down the Pakihi Road to TeWaiti Stream Road and back to Bushaven for a nights stay in the Love Shack, Or, shower at our camp ground or maybe a swim before heading home. Total ride 99.5km (83.5km of track and remote gravel road, 16km on back country flat tar-sealed road)   Ratings based on fitness level required, not skill or difficulty level regarding the Pakihi Track. (see our 3-day package for an extra night's accommodation and take out the early get up and travel. Have a quite night's sleep at Bushaven and be fresh for your Motu Trails Loop Trail adventure! Maybe ride the TeWaiti Track in the afternoon or early evening on your arrival or departure day, it's a great short ride!)


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                  3-day package


Includes - Three nights accommodation, one evening meal, one breakfast and one packed lunch.


3 Days, 3 nights. 


Same itinerary as the 2-day package but stay at Bushaven the day before and the day after your ride / adventure.

Have a quiet night's sleep, be rested and ready to do it!

Stay the night after your adventure and be refreshed for your onward travel.

Everything can be left safely in the Loveshack on your away day, ready for your return.


Ride the Te Waiti Track on arrival or before you leave Bushaven.


Real value


2 =   $240  

3 =   $220

4 =   $210

5 =   $205

6 =   $200        (Up to 10 max. but please contact us for details)


Add $50 per day for Bike hire (minimum 2, or $ value, max. 10)


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      Pakihi Track or Motu Road Trail


MOTU HILL DROP-OFF:  $140 per person.

MOTU VILLAGE:  $130 per person.

MATAWAI:  $125 per person.


(Shuttle subject to min. 4 persons, or $ value)

(One day bike rental)

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