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Entrance to the Pakihi track
Entrance to the Pakihi track

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Thanks Camilla_Rutherford
Thanks Camilla_Rutherford

35 mtr Pakihi track bridge

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Thanks Camilla_Rutherford
Thanks Camilla_Rutherford

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Entrance to the Pakihi track
Entrance to the Pakihi track

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Pakihi Track


Our shuttle service, departing from TeWaiti bridge or Bushaven, we believe, offers the best departure / return

point available!  

Why * 


  • Level: Officially Advanced - but should be graded intermediate

  • see km below

  • Low fitness level required


The Pakihi Track is the jewel in the Motu Trail's crown. Only a low to moderate fitness level is required (*Motu Hill drop off only) but you should have a reasonable skill level. 

This is a one-way down hill only track (for mountain-bikers).

*Our drop off point at the top of Motu Hill takes out all the hard work,

it's all downhill or very easy going from here. If your staying, or taking our shuttle from Bushaven or TeWaiti bridge at the start of our road, you won't ride one inch of tar seal or have the extra pressure and cost of getting back for a shuttle pick-up.  Just ride back to your vehicle at your own pace, fast or slow!  

If you haven't had enough, then hit the TeWaiti track, which starts right at our gate.

Use of our camp ground facilities to freshen up or take a dip in the pristine TeWaiti stream.


Top of Motu hill back to Bushaven is 40km, or 36km to TeWaiti bridge 21.5km is downhill !

This is a unique ride through remote pristine native bush, most often reserved only for the fit and hardy!




Matawai Drop-off = 1.0hr(add 15 minutes from Bushaven)

1-3 =   $240

4-7 =   $60 per person    62km to Bushaven, 58km TeWaiti bridge

8-11 =  $50 per person    75km to Opotiki


Top of Motu Hill Drop-off  = 1.5hrs (add 15 minutes from Bushaven)

1-3  =  $300

4-7 =  $75 per person     40km to Bushaven, 36km TeWaiti bridge   

8-11 = $65 per person     53km to Opotiki





The Motu Trails Pakihi Track is rich in history. Soon after the Motu Coach Road was opened in 1914, the Pakihi Stock track was built.  It extended from Whitikau down to the Pakihi Stream as a means to shift stock to Opotiki.  It is said that this track, took more dynamite per meter, than any other track in New Zealand, when it was pushed through this very remote wilderness!


Our top of Motu Hill drop off point, gives you 9km of easy ride (8km is downhill) through beautiful bush and farm land on the Motu Road Trail, before the entrance to the Pakihi Track, which now boasts 25 bridges, including one 35-meter swingbridge.  


The first 12.5km is mostly all downhill to the Pakihi Hut, the only real pedaling involved is at bridges. The hut's a great place to stop for a rest / lunch and maybe take a swim.  The second bridge past the hut is the 35 meter swing bridge that crosses the Pakihi stream (all other bridges span mostly sub-streams).  From here the valley starts to close up and becomes more of a challenge until you reach the Pakihi Road some 9km down stream.  Here you have toilets and good swimming and maybe the chance to meet an interesting local while you take another break.


The next 7.5km takes you down stream via the Pakihi Road to the Te Waiti Road with Bushaven and a cold one just 4km away.


Only moderate fitness is required, but the track’s numerous steep drop-offs makes a cautious approach advisable. Please, if you don't feel comfortable, get off and walk that section, as it's better to be safe than sorry!


By the time you get back, you will have enjoyed a wilderness ride with few equals, with over half of it (Motu Hill drop off) being down hill!

If you haven't had enough, why not ride the Te Waiti track which starts at Bushaven's gate!


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