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Nature @ its best

Otipi Track

Level:  Hard Core - 38km return approx.


This track is carved through mountainous rugged-as country, the first climp is 4km approx. but the downhill makes up for the effort and then on to the next one.


From Mike the Parks and Recreation manager:-

"Otipi Road is 20km long starts at 300m asl, quickly climbs to the summit nearly 900m then drops down to Mōtū River 200m asl


It’s about as remote a place as you can get in NZ!


So it is some very serious hill climbs and descents and tell them to expect cold and wet conditions at the summit no matter what the day looks like –  if they don’t believe you tell them the summit is the same altitude as the highest point on the Desert Road.


No café’s or bike repair shops! but you can get cell phone coverage at the summit!


Fantastic all day adventure to offer to serious mountain bikers looking for something different and access to upper Mōtū River for rafting, camping, hunting etc


Built in the 60's for hydro investigation;


  • Remote changeable weather,

  • Be prepared for a hard ride,

  • Country like you've never seen.


The 10km relativly flat Takaputahi Road takes you to the start of the track and can be used as a warm up.  It's a remote back country gravel road through valley farmland with plenty to look at along the way.

Secure parking available upon request.


Visit the Raukumara Forest Park to experience one of the least developed or visited tracts of bush in the North Island. The park covers 115,000 hectares of extremely rugged bush-clad land and offers a wide variety of recreational opportunites for visitors including:

  • mountain biking the scenic and challenging Otipi Road,

  • the opportunity to climb Mount Hikurangi, the first place on mainland New Zealand to see the sun; and

  • Grade 4 rafting on the Motu River, which is renowned for its unspoiled beauty and isolation.



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